To induce young computer programmers to work long hours by taking advantage of their enthusiasm and high energy levels.
Example Citations:
Geeksploitation The act of taking advantage of twentysomething digital workers who are flushed with pioneer enthusiasm and willing to work very long hours if bolstered by junk food, flexible work schedules, and no dress code.
— Gareth Branwyn, "Jargon Watch," Wired Magazine, February, 1997
Overseeing cube space are those exalted souls in the adminisphere who are in charge of the company and have offices with actual walls.
They tend to be masters of geeksploitation, or getting workers to join the dawn patrol by putting in overnight shifts fueled by coffee, code pie (pizza) and fear of winding up circling the drain — geekspeak for what others call waiting for the axe to fall.
— James Coates, "Generica: Semisweet land of jitterati," Chicago Tribune, June 8, 1997
Earliest Citation:
Indeed, the large-style living exemplified by certain well-heeled friends belies the sordid little truth underneath so-called "geeksploitation" — none of us are ever going to have it this good again.
— Perl E. Gates, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,", October 11, 1996
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